R&D Innovation

R&D innovation is always the key factor for a company who can survive and develop forever. Relying on scientific research strength of Materials Science and Engineering Institute of USTB and working in close cooperation with a number of internationally renowned coating labs, SHMT concentrates on exploring new technologies in the global coating industry and studying new trends, increases the two-way promoting transformation of material research and thin film application, and provides constantly various demanding sputtering targets with special function from new material. SHMT enjoy high prestige in the market for our remarkable and rapid products innovation!

Associating with USTB, SHMT established The Sputtering film Lab and The Chinese State Key Lab (SKL) of new Materials in The University of Science and Technology in Beijing (USTB) who are focusing on thin film coating and new materials R&D innovation works. The labs team owns 5 very famous professors and several materials doctor and master researchers.
1) Very strong in new material R&D and practical transformation.
2) Having independent coating labs for the test of new targets and thin film design.
3) R&D of sputtering targets and coating process design according to customers’ requirements for film function.
4) Providing customers with coating equipment transformation, coating process improvement, coating technology guidance and other value-added services.

SHMT's new targets and materials report

Actual Density
TiMg &TiMgNbAll composition>99.5%For medicial coating
TiAgXAll composition>99.5%For antibacterial coating
CrAgXAll composition>99.5%For antibacterial coating
TiCrAll composition>99.5% 
TiZrAll composition>99.5% 
TiNb70/30at% etc>99.5% 
NbZr90/10at% etc>99.5% 
AlTiBAll composition>99.5% 
AlTiSiAll composition>99.5% 
AlTiCrAll composition>99.5% 
AlCrBAll composition>99.5% 
AlCrSiAll composition>99.5% 
AlCrSiWAll composition>99.5%Tool & automotive coating
AlCrMgSiAll composition>99.5% 
AlNiSiBAll composition>99.5% 
CrCAll composition>99.5% 
CrZrAll composition>99.5% 
CrCuAll composition>99.5% 
Pure WC——>99%Big single pure WC L2000mm x W300mm
CrWAll composition>99.5% 
CrMoAll composition>99.5% 
CrSiAll composition>99.5% 
NiCrCr>50%>99.5%Medicial, automotive and electronic
TiZrOxZrOx<30at%>99.5%Glass coating
AlSnCuAll composition>99.5%Automotive coating
AlSnMoAll composition>99.5%Automotive coating
Most difficult and new special functional targets are available by us.