Sputtering Targets

As a professional manufacturer created by senior professors team of material science, SHMT owns very rich knowledge and experience for pure metals and its alloy. We always devote to the new materials innovation R&D and launching many remarkable products to support the customer to be the segmented industry leader! Since 2012, SHMT grew to be one of the global leading manufacturer of advanced sputtering targets with excellent quality and outstanding performance. Several unique and difficult metal alloy materials are launched by SHMT to meet the soaring technology transformation and improvement!

SHMT’s Sputtering Targets:
In addition to normal and simple sputtering targets such as Cr, AlTi, AlCr, AlTiSi, AlCrB, Mo, Nb, Ta, NiCr, NiV, WC and MoS2, SHMT also successfully produced numerical new sputtering targets applied in various fields in recent years such as TiB,TiSi, TiMg, TiMgNb, TiAgX, CrAgX, ZrAgX, TiCr, TiZr, TiNb, MoNb, NbZr, CrC, CrCu, CrZr, CrSi, CrW, CuW, AgCr, AlTiCr, AlCrSiW, AlSnCu, TiZrOx, and NiCr(Cr>50%) etc with planar and rotary shape.

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SHMT’s Advantages:
1)Very strong in new material R&D and practical transformation.
2) Having independent coating labs for the test of new targets and thin film design.
3) R&D of sputtering targets and coating process design according to customers’ requirements for film function.
4) Providing customers with coating equipment transformation, coating process improvement, coating technology guidance and other value-added services.
5) A varieties of tailor-made special targets, regardless of size, quantity, standard, can be quickly achieved with excellent quality and prompt delivery.

SHMT targets' Specialties:
Actualy density> 99.5%
Purity: 99.5~99.9995%
Very fine grain size and uniform grain distribution
Tailor-made shape and very big dimension are available
Unique technology for varies HIP tubes(without bonding) with much higher working power and efficiency
Only ID code by laser for each target to track the quality from raw material incoming to delivery

SHMT’s Targets' Application:
Abrasion resistance & corrosion prevention
Medical instrument, accessory parts & implanted devices
Special functional film for aviation and navigation
Solar cell & photoelectronic device
Architectural & automotive glass
Optical components
Display & touch screen
Electronic & semi-conductor

Manufacturing Mathods
   Hot isostatic pressing (HIP)
   Hot pressing & cold pressing
   Powder metallurgical
   Plasma spraying
   Vacuum induction melting (VIM)
   Vacuum arc remelting (VAR)
   Sintering and swaging

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