Bonding Service

Backing plate and bonding service become important for evaluating a capable sputtering target supplier and helpful for the customer to get the finished target that can directly for coating. SHMT has been dedicated to machining standard backing plate and providing reliable bonding service as well for the customers. Our bonding technology including inidum bonding, nanofoil bonding and special adhering bonding for choices based on the target property.

SHMT’s Typical bonding plates:
   OFHC Cooper plate
   Molybdenum plate
   Stainless Steel plate
   Titanium plate

Backside Metallization
SHMT sputter deposits backside metallization layers like Ni, Ag, Al on target before bonding. This metallization accomplishes the characteristics: Electrical and thermal contact.
Enhancement of adhesion to the target.
Prevent reactions and diffusion between the target and solder layer or backing plate.

Bonding & Assurance
To improve thermal conductivity under high power inputs, SHMT offers target bonding on backing plates using either indium, Aluminum and silver based metallic alloy. Durable target bonding requires a variety of pre and post bond functions to assure adhesion. SHMT’s quality bonding techniques and process are characterized as following:
   To eliminate cavities at the edges of a solder bond that may entrap air and form a virtual vacuum leak in your sputtering system.
   To ensure the thermal integrity of the interface between the system's cooling assembly and the surface of the target.
   Zone controlled hot plates for precise control of thermal expansion and solderability
   C-Scan imaging system is used to detect material flaws, interrogate bonds and accurately measure thickness.
   X-ray radiographic inspection to verify bond integrity.