Shenghua New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (SHMT) is a professional sputtering target manufacturing enterprise with an integration of R&D, production, sales and technical services to meet the soar development of UHV/high vacuum, physical vapor deposition and thin film applications industry. In recent years, relying on the scientific research strength of University of Science and Technology in Beijing (USTB) and the large-scale modern production equipment of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI), SHMT devotes itself to the basic research and achievement transformation of advanced technology in the field of thin film materials. It has developed in succession leading sputtering targets from new material, such as TiB, TiSi, TiMgNb, TiCr, CrC, CrZr, NiMo, CrAgX, AlTiSi, AlCrB, AlCrSiW, AlSnCu and other various HIP rotary targets, and become one of the global strongest enterprises in the R&D of sputtering targets.

SHMT produces single material target, multi-alloy targets and mixed composition targets through HIP (CIP), vacuum melting, extrusion, sintering and many other producing processes. It supplies planar, circular cathode, rotary and other shapes of targets for different models of coating equipment, which are widely used in many fields such as decoration, corrosion prevention, hard-wearing, electronics and semiconductor, flat panel display, solar cell, optical components, magnetic data storage, and glass, enjoying high prestige all over the world in the R&D of new sputtering targets in abrasion resistance, automobile, medical treatment, aeronautics and navigation.

Associating with Material Science and Engineering Institute of USTB, we has established the latest new materials R&D center and coating laboratory in Beijing, serving various customers in the field of coating in the world. SHMT not only has advanced coating materials manufacturing technology, but also offers value-added services such as coating equipment transformation, coating process improvement, coating technology guidance with rich knowledge and experience to support the customer for their coating technology innovation and lead the thin film market!

SHMT always persists inconducting R&D and practice simultaneously, improving quality and service in parallel, and continuously enhances the level of enterprise management and innovation, with an aim to provide customers with new opportunities for innovation and development with the leading coating material production technology and the application and development ability of new thin film! Our goal is to meet all of your requirements, no matter how small orders and how difficult questions they may be, to maintain sustained and profitable growth for every customer through our qualified products and strong R&D.

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